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DOM Unpredictable is an alliance that plays the strategic space game, Ogame. We are an alliance that is investing for the game for months, even years. New game servers are started from time to time and it may be possible that our alliance starts playing on an additional server.Our alliance consists of players with whom we have good contact and we help each other when needed. Since the universe consists of four-nine galaxies with 500 solar systems in each galaxy, it is important to try to have the planets close to others from the alliance so that you can quickly get support for possible attacks. The older the server becomes, the more time you have to spend but to manage your empire.We are happy to receive applications from other players, but we have set the limit at least rank 600 and that the person who is searching also has and/or builds a fleet. Because it is a war game it is important, especially the older the universe becomes.

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